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VAN PLETZEN + EARLY B live at Rumours (JHB)

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2019-05-17 18:00 - 23:59

We heard a Rumour that... NAUGHT! Let us tell you the feite sisters and bruddas... The majestic kak-duidelik-grootness is coming to JHB for an evening of legehness!  It is vital that you become gereed because you don't just sommer klap a marathon.  One doesn't sommer hike up mount Everest, naught, one becomes gereed, mentally and also spiritually.  We are giving you legeh long heads-up, so no excuses, naught excuses.  EARLY B and VAN PLETZEN speel nie games nie, except at an Olympic level my okes. We will bring you the promised GROOTNESS.  Rumours is opposite Cresta Mall so buy yourself a smoothie and some whey powder and let's klap it!


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Upcoming events